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What is CFT? 

'The brain has to breath, the fascia has to be free'

Craniosacral Fascial Therapy (CFT) is the work of Dr. Barry Gillespie.  Based on his theory that the Craniosacral and Fascial systems are not separate, but one interconnected system, CFT blends two established modalities: Cranial Sacral Therapy and Myofascial Release, into a single, highly effective therapy.

This intricate system originates in the body's core around the brain and spinal cord and extends through the body's fascial web which surrounds and permeates every structure down to the cellular level. A healthy system allows for the free flow of Cerebrospinal fluid from the brain, down the spine, to the sacrum, and into the connective tissue (fascia).  Strain anywhere in that system may effect brain function and mobility. Our brains must expand and contract, and any restrictions or damage to this motion, such as those due to difficult birth or head injury, can greatly effect our health and wellbeing.  

CFT techniques are designed to gently unwind accumulated fascial strain, allowing optimal mobility and therefore better brain function. When the Craniosacral Fascial system is loose and open, there is optimal flow of cerebrospinal fluid to help nourish the body and cleanse toxins. 

All of us have experienced some sort of trauma in some part of our lives weather it been due to difficult birth, accidents, falls, concussions, surgery, dental/orthodontic work, vaccinations, and emotional traumas these are just a few.

This work is effective for all ages: 

Baby/ Infant:                                        Children:                       Adults:


Autism                                                 Asmtha                          Migraine 

Asymmetrical head shape                 Bedwetting                   Concussion 

Birth Trauma                                        ADHD/ADD                   TMJ

Colic                                                     Earache                         Chronic Pain

Constipation                                        Learning disorders       Sinus conditions 

Difficulty Sucking                                Sinus conditions            Anxiety 

Difficulty Swallowing                           Anxiety                           Depression 

Digestive difficulties/indigestion        Neck Pain                       Whiplash 

Earache                                                 Allergies                         Scars

Strabismus                                            Headache                      Infertility 

Tongue tie - lip tie                                Scoliosis                         Learning difficulties 

Torticollis                                                                                       Acid Reflux 

TMJ dysfunction 

Inability to latch 


CFT for Babies

Yes all babies can be this happy! 

While birth is a wonderful event, physical and emotional traumas can occur to an infant during the petal stages and during labour and during the delivery process. We believe that CFT can safely and gently diminish these effects within  the first minutes of life, therefore, preventing many diseases, as well as optimising the brains function. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Fasica? 

Fascia is a general term for connective tissue found in every layer of the body and it’s organs down to the cellular level. It exists in various degrees of strength or flexibility dependent upon it's location and required function.

What is the brain cycle and why is it important? 

At the beginning and end of each session, your brain cycle will be assessed.  By holding your head and timing the length of time it takes the brain to expand and contract, the health of the craniosacral system is revealed.  It is fascinating how the length and quality of your brain cycle relates to the improvement of conditions.

What is the craniosacral system?

This term refers to the entirety of structures that contain, support and protect the central nervous system.  It consists of the brain, spinal cord, cerebrospinal fluid, and the bones of the head, spine and pelvis.

Why is it so effective? 

CFT techniques are intended to address strain patterns in the body, but more importantly, they addresses directly the effect a strain pattern has on the craniosacral system.  Once the craniosacral system is free from restriction and the cerebrospinal fluid achieves an optimal flow, the body is better able to heal and balance itself.

Why does my baby/toddler cry during a session?

Children under 4 are more likely to cry during therapy.  We assume that this is due to frustration or confusion, as the techniques are far too mild and gentle to cause pain. 

What is a treatment like?

The treatment consists of a gentle touch to release tightness and toxins.  You lay on the table fully clothed.  At times, you may feel some stretching or there may be a more active "unwind" motion. Most people find the session relaxing.

How do I book a session?

You can ring Martina on 087 939 1237/ email:, or just fill out the new client intake form by clicking here and Martina will get back to you soon. 

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