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Balanced mind - Balanced body

Welcome to my Website 

Martina has been practicing BodyTalk since 2009 and is an Advanced & PaRama Certified BodyTalk practitioner and is also a BodyTalk Access Instructor and BodyTalk Fundamentals Instructor and she is also a member of the International BodyTalk Association.  


She has over 27 years experience as an Aesthetician, Electrologist, Aromatherapist and also qualified in Physiatrics in 1992.  She is a Reiki Master/teacher and is a member of the Reiki Federation of Ireland.  She is a Cranio Sacral Fascial Therapist, SourcePoint Practitioner and has studied many other modalities including Theta Healing, San Baio & Phytobiophysics.

Martina specialises in chronic pain and sports injuries. 

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Feb 8: Miracles in Womens Health

Join us for a conversation to explore what is possible to support you or a women in your life who is plagued with PMS, hot flashes, endometriosis, infertility, childbirth, breastfeeding and breast cancer with our guests, BodyIntuitive Master Practitioners Martina Fallon & Aubri Parker.
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BodyTalk is a simple and effective holistic therapy that allows your body's energy systems to be synchronised so they can operate as nature intended

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Craniosacral Fascial therapy

Craniosacral Fascial Therapy (CFT) is the work of Dr. Barry Gillespie.  Based on his theory that the Craniosacral and Fascial systems are not separate, but one interconnected system, CFT blends two established modalities....

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Your body has vast, untapped healing capabilities and information. It remembers every infection you’ve ever had in the database of immune cells in your spleen and lymph nodes. It remembers every accident that created scar tissue in the fascia restricting joint mobility, every medication and antibiotic you’ve ever taken, every emotional trauma from fetal life to the present....

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SourcePoint Therapy is a simple non-invasive energetic approach to healing intended to support and enhance whatever modality you are using as a practitioner or receiving as a client.


Martina is a BodyTalk Instructor and she is also a Reiki Master/Teacher. 

Martina also coordinates different classes throughout the year in therapies such as BodyTalk and SourcePoint. 

Martina is a brilliant healer!! I personally had a session with Martina, I had been very unwell and on recommendation received a healing from Martina I was amazed even during the healing I could feel things moving in my body. Since the healing I have felt better than I have for a long time. This lady is an absolute must. She is a fantastic healer and I believe is divinely channeled.


I would recommend a healing with Martina...a truly gifted healer.  For your part thank you Martina" 

T.M.H, Belfast, Ireland 

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